Archery Tournaments

The Des Moines Valley Sportsman Club hosts three tournaments each year. Please check our club calendar for tourney dates.  The shoot takes place on our 3d course which includes 30 targets providing the shooter with the opportunity to take shots from a variety of ranges, positions, and environments.

The Archery course starts just south of the clubhouse at one of the two recently constructed shooting platforms.  The first leg of the course is built around a wooded creek bed.  The second leg of the course ventures up into the prairie before the archer is faced with a 65 yard shot at the elk residing on the far side of the pond before venturing back into the woods to conclude the last leg of the course.  Please reference the Archery Course Pictures for some of our targets.  Slight elevation changes, varied ranges, moving targets, and the two new shooting platform present each archer with a variety of challenging shots.

A free entry to the next shoot is awarded for the top 3 places when there are 6 or more shooters, for the top two places when there are 5 shooters, and for first place when there are 3 shooters.  Tournament results will be posted here so check back after the shoot for the results.  All cubs that participate in the shoot receive a medal after they conclude their round.

Concessions are also available in the clubhouse during the shoots.

If you have any questions about the shoot, please email or call (507) 841-3028.

2014 Tournaments

June 22

July 20

August 17

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